Our clients

Since the opening of our offices in Ecuador, we have advised and carried out transfer pricing studies for 150 companies that carry out activities in the following sectors:


Agricultural Sector: Companies that cultivate, produce and market national and international agricultural products such as: cake and palm kernel oil, agrochemicals and supplies, crude palm oil, palm fruit, walnut, manure cake, taro, bananas, among others.

Automotive Sector: Companies that manufacture, distribute, market retail and wholesale and lease motorized vehicles, parts and accessories related to the automotive sector.

Commercial Sector: Companies that commercialize and distribute nationally and internationally diverse products such as: products exempt from taxes, bananas, textiles, ATMs, lubricants, additives, sealants. Refrigerants and accessories for automobiles, toilets and taps, real estate, engines, machinery and equipment for hardware, gabions, chemical products, bio-pesticides, fertilizers, fertilizers, parts of telecommunications equipment among others.

Pharmaceutical Sector: Companies that import and market pharmaceutical products belonging to the contraceptive and dermo-cosmetic line for the national market.

Financial Sector: Banks that provide services oriented to the segments of corporate banking, business, foreign trade, small and medium industry, housing and consumption.

Floriculture Sector: Companies that produce, market and distribute national and international flower products such as: bouquets of roses and flowers, roses, caps, dry material, natural cut flowers, post-harvest materials, plant material, fertilizers, summer flowers between others.

Forestry Sector: Companies that sow, plant, exploit, market and distribute national and international forest products such as planks, medium density wood board and plywood, materials, supplies and spare parts related to forestry machinery, logs, hearts of palm, decorative faces , as well as companies that provide management, treatment, maintenance and logistics services for forest areas and plantations.

Fisheries Sector: Companies that fish, produce, process, market and distribute fishery products such as: raw material, canned fish, frozen fish, fishmeal, fish, squid and shrimp, fish waste, finished products, among others, nationally and internationally.

Services Sector: Companies that provide various services such as: IT services consulting, iron and steel products promotion, commercial support consulting, engineering and civil engineering consultancy, medical and hospital services, contracting of roads, airports, bridges, garter train, supply and drainage of water and other projects of industrial and civil construction, supply and construction of civil works, electromechanical works, automation and control works, instrumentation works and telecommunications works, management and operation of shopping centers, services accommodation, logistic services among others.