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On May 6, the SRI published Resolution Nro. NAC-DGERCGC20-00000032[1], which for the only time expands the term for filing tax annexes that taxpayers must file for fiscal year 2019, among them those that correspond to transfer pricing matters, which are:

  1. The Annex with Operations with Related Parties, and
  2. The Comprehensive Transfer Pricing Report

Previously, both had to be presented in June, with the modification the new deadlines are detailed below:

Ninth digit of thetaxpayer's                      RUC

   Expiration date (Until)

                       1           October 10
                       2           October 12
                       3           October 14
                       4           October 16
                       5           October 18
                       6           October 20
                       7           October 22
                       8           October 24
                       9           October 26
                       0           October 28


Although the Tax Administration has not yet mentioned changes in the latest version issued of the technical sheet for the standardization of the Transfer Price Analysis, the possibility that changes that modify the presentation in terms of form and substance of the aforementioned annexes.

Next, other tax annexes are detailed, whose compliance was postponed by the Tax Administration, according to 9th. RUC digit:

  • Equity statement until June 2020.
  • Dividend Schedule (ADI), until June 2020.
  • Annex of Financial Accounts of Non-Residents (CRS), until July 2020.
  • Tax Compliance Report (ICT), until November 2020.
  • Annex International Currency Movement (MID), until May 28, 2020.

Keep in mind that, when an expiration date coincides with mandatory rest days or national or local holidays, it will be carried over to the next business day, unless for transfer purposes, the expiration date corresponds to the following month, in in which case this rule will not apply, and the expiration date must be brought forward to the last business day of the expiration month.

Quito- May 7, 2020

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